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Vapor Phase

Vapor Phase THE VAPOR PHASE WRINKLE You’re getting the message that wrinkle free may be more than just a passing fad. How much more is there to the wrinkle free story? And ,why should you look a little deeper into what gives the extra edge you need to increase your sales. The wrinkle to the story can be found in a Vapor Phase garment.


 A close look shows that cellulosic fiber molecules aren’t locked into stable position with each other. Fibers bend and flex and shift as a garment is worn. But, they stay way too. Even after the distorting force is removed. And that is a simple way of explaining the “5:00 PM” shirt. Another very important characteristic of garments with cellulosic fixers is the ability to breach. Those garments allow moisture through to the outside. We say they are moisture absorbent. The greater the percentage of natural fibers, the more the garment allows moisture to “vend” to the outside. But, the more natural, the more wrinkle. So how do we manage to keep those natural fiber qualities without compromise plus keep a garment wrinkle free…and more?

VAPOR PHASE BENEFITS Finish is permanent will never come ouT Soft hand

Outstanding DP performance            Natural comfort

Remarkable shrinkage control           Ability to breathe

Soil release                                     Moisture absorption

Color Fastness                                Dried faster

Shape retention                               Abrasion resistance

Reduced pilling                                Dry wrinkle resistance