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Dress shirts


For more than 33 years, Union Garment has been producing shirts for the "Van Heusen" brand for export to various international markets. Over these years, we have seen the evolution of the styling and qualities of "Van Heusen" shirts, from the straight forward 100% cotton and polyester-cotton mix in simple style, to the current styles in slim-fit, long-fit or regular in 100% cotton, cotton-wool, polyester-cotton mix and also CVC for non-iron quality (vapour-phase) and also seam-taped.

Union Garment produces shirts of other London high-street brand, all in 100% 2-ply cotton quality, including a range of evening shirts. These are in regular cuff, double cuff, regular-fit, slim fit and long, in men's and ladies styles. Our experience in producing high quality traditional English shirts stretched over more than 10 years.