Union Garment Co.,Ltd

Leading garment manufacturers in Thailand

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More Facilities

Union Garment employs state-of the art equipment for pattern and marker making. Our customers are able to e-mail their patterns to Union Garment and these will be accurately re-produced in our Pattern Room.

Union Garment’s emphasis on quality means QA and QC stations at all points: for in-coming materials, cut-piece inspections, in-line inspection in sewing and final inspection.

Special Facilities

Our Vapour-Phase reactor to cure woven shirts into Non-Iron quality shirts is one of the only 2 available locally. Union Garment develops Non-Iron woven shirts for well-known international brands such as Van Heusen and others.

Union Garment’s fully automated Embroidery machines give us the ability to customize logos, insignia, symbols and names according to our customers’ specific requirements.